Tom Hopkins: Audio Sales Collection (Review – Part 3)

Part 3 of this 3 part series review will go over what highly successful people do in order to become a sales superstar. In The Academy of Master Closing, a key secret is you need to have what’s called the X-Factor.

The X-Factor is simply having empathy for your client. Tom Hopkins states you need to find out what the customer feels and set the mood. Do you feel what they feel? If your client has financial concerns, do they feel your sensitivity that you have for them?

The Academy of Master Closing

A sales person is more that just about having a nice smile and great personality. A sales person is in essence, a teach. You are there to teach someone the benefits they’ll get, realize a need they never thought they had, and get the enjoyment that others have gotten by going with your product/service.

You need to care more about your customer than you do making the sale. The average American doesn’t respect the salesperson because of bad experiences. Tom Hopkins stresses that you need to use integrity and the sales will come. Remember, you are building habits of successful people.

Image provided by GDJ from Pixabay

Sales Is Like A Relationship

In order to determine the mood of the buyer, you need to use mood setting moves:

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Smile
  3. Compliment
  4. Note or gift
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Listen
  7. Minor Closing (appointment)

Again, a major success habit that should become second nature to any broke investor is, the customer has to know that you care more about them benefitting more than making the sale. You need to get the “I need the sale” mentality out of your mind. Set the mood to do a real good presentation.

Beware Of Closing Distractions:

  • Do not wear too much jewelry
  • Gestures might become distractions
  • Pushing up glasses
  • Touching hair
  • Touching nose
  • Touching mouth
  • Watch out with your facial hair
  • Be mindful of your odor
  • Don’t be too excited

Dead Sales Autopsy

Why do people not buy from you? When people die, they get an autopsy to find out the reason and find out what could have been done, so it won’t happen again.

In sales, you can gain as much information from sales you lose than those you make if you handle them properly. If you use the lost prospect’s guilt, they feel like they owe you an explanation. When you go to the appointment to find out why they decided not to go with you, ask, why they decided on another product?

Let them know this will really help you. This will also relieve any guilt the prospect had. Make sure to analyze anyone you have not closed. Ask why! Some will even tell you over the phone. The goal is to gather data in order to become better. This comes back in a full circle to personal development, doesn’t it?

Image provided by geralt from Pixabay

3-11 Rule

Most people will tell 11 people about a negative experience. When it’s a positive experience, they will only tell 3. It’s important to know and handle the experience with grace.

If people get upset, get your ego OUT OF THE WAY. Send them a letter, call them, and don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry! Apologizing will cut down the negative experience.

Use a Success Journal:

  • Write ideas/phrases
  • Record your learning experiences
  • Jot down date, buyers name, some notes about transaction
  • When you say something that works/doesn’t work
  • Write down when you are right and when you are wrong
  • Aim for being right @ least 51% of the time

Here’s a great daily routine:

Say, “I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.”

The last golden nugget Tom Hopkins provides in The Academy of Mastering Closing: “Instead of thinking, I’m going to give to receive. Think, I’m going to give, so I receive, so I can give MORE!”

Please, please, please. If you want to improve your sales activity, go get Tom Hopkins sales training. Whether it’s his audio sales collection or even his individual books., invest in yourself. The Broke Investor is steadily increasing his Success Library. Bottom line is, you should too.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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