Welcome Back!

Remember, “It’s not over, until I WIN!” Say that to yourself every morning and you will have a fantastic day, every day!

So what’s up? It’s been since February and lots has changed for The Broke Investor. First off, I ended up firing my employer (FYI, best feeling ever). As you all know, I joined one of the top hosting companies in the nation back in March 2017 to gain experience in an online business.

From the get-go I enjoyed helping customers with all of their website’s needs. The only problem was the company decided to fire their entire in-house salesforce team and decided to put sales on the technical minded folks that were meant to resolve technical issues.

Essentially, the company became one big revolving door. People were getting let go for the craziest of things and after awhile, the favoritism started to show on whole new levels.

Individuals that were not even qualified to manage their own cat were being put in a position to manage a team of 7-12.

Provided by: FlashBuddy from Pixabay

You call that sales?

I also started noticing that a majority of the “managers” were the individuals that were lucky enough to transition from the sales team to the support team. So you have a manager team of sales “gurus” that have a mindset of selling something on every call.

Long story short, most of the top technical talent jumped ship faster than you could say, “Sell me”. The others that were left went through a set of “sales training” to be able to find opportunities in every call. Customers could feel this and were not really receptive to it.

I come from a background of only selling something that I would buy and the truth of the matter was, I wouldn’t use their system even if it was given to me for free (which it was).

Unfortunately, I got comfortable to a point where I decided to stay for 2 FULL YEARS! All the while the group went from being all about solving the customer’s issues to finding a sales opportunity, pitch them, then attempt to solve their issue. To top it off, they ended up getting rid of the 10% commission agents were getting off of each sale.

After awhile, I stopped caring and realized if I was going to sell:

  • A) I better get a commission
  • B) I need to believe in the product I’m selling
  • C) I don’t have time to play politics with people I don’t respect

So, it was pretty much the end of the line for me. Sacrificing 2 hours a day just to commute to a place to do work I can do from home. Then, being told what to do by someone who you wouldn’t trust leaving your pet turtle with. At the end of it all, I decided to put my 2 weeks notice in on the day of my 2 year anniversary.

Mind you, during my time there, I was still steadily growing my business inch by inch. I ended up opening a physical office on Dec. 2018 with my partner being there the majority of the time.

Provided by Lucka_S from Pixabay

Learn door-to-door

After leaving, I decided to get a position in an all-commission position selling security cameras. Yup, door-to-door selling. Up to this point, I thought door-to-door was dead, oh how wrong was I. The first week in training I learned more about sales than the entire 2 years I was at the hosting company.

With the internet experience and the sales experience that I have now, I’m ready to take my business to the next level. So far, my partner and I have done very well these past 2 quarters compared to the entire last year. A big part of it has to do with the office.

People love face-to-face and although mobile services does have it’s place, having a central location gives a sense of establishment.

In the next couple of months, we are considering opening up a 2nd location. The BIGGEST problem that we are facing now is, STAFFING.

With all of this adding up, I decided to bring The Broke Investor back up and continue this journey with you all. The life of an entrepreneur is exciting and is meant to be shared. I do have a bit of cleaning up to do on this site. For instance, a couple of the projects that I did in the past are no longer active.

No worries though. Remember, we can think of thousands and thousands of ideas. One can make you rich and ideas are FREE!

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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