Tom Hopkins: Audio Sales Collection (Review – Part 1)

If you are wondering how successful people think, pick up a book written by a successful person.

Tom Hopkins Audio Sales Collection includes: Mastering the Art of Selling, Advanced Sales Survival Training, & The Academy of Master Closing.

Tom Hopkins is The Builder of Sales Champions. His sales strategies have helped millions of sales professionals and business owners in industries to serve more clients, make more sales and earn millions in income.

Mastering the Art of Selling

Tom Hopkins sales training allows you to form daily routines and daily habits in your sales cycle to perform to millionaire success. To start, he goes over replacing what he calls, “rejection words” with “go-ahead words”.

A rejection word is any term that triggers fear or reminds prospects that you are trying to sell them.

  1. Cost or Price –> Total Investment
  2. Down Payment –> Initial Investment
  3. Monthly Payment — Monthly Investment
  4. Contract –> Agreement or Paperwork
  5. Sign –> Approve, Authorize, or Endorse
  6. Buy –> Own
  7. Sell or Sold –> Involved
  8. Pitch or Deal –> Presentation or Opportunity

Switching to positive words will affect the climate of the sale.

Don’t Take It Personal

Selling is a matter of NUMBERS! The bottom line is, you have to train yourself NOT to take rejection personally. Learn how to love NO. Here is a millionaire success habit, learn how to find the CASH VALUE of each NO you get.

Let’s say each sale you make is worth $100. For every 5 qualified people, you make 1 sale. This comes out to 1 yes and 4 no. Since it took 4 no to get to $100, each no in essence is worth $25! So, when someone tells you no, they just handed you $25. Find out your sales ratio to get how much your no is worth. This will increase your closing sales.

Provided by jplenio from Pixabay

Where Are Your Referrals?

A referred lead is the easiest to close, which is why it is very important to get referrals after you make a close. A great question can be, “Do you know someone who’d be interested in ______?”

When you ask for a referral:

  1. Isolate faces for them to see
  2. Write referrals name on the card
  3. Ask qualifying questions (Referral has desire & ability to benefit from offer)
  4. Ask for address
  5. Ask customer to call for you to let them know about their new investment
  6. If they refuse to call, ask if you can use their name when contacting.

Listen To Your Prospects

Top professionals realize people have 2 ears and 1 mouth and each should be used equally. Meaning, after speaking for 10 seconds, switch your mouth OFF, switch your ears ON, and listen for 20 seconds. Don’t overwhelm your prospect with words; Encourage them to talk.

Don’t push the conversation, learn how to lead it by asking artful and calculated questions. Never ask yes/no questions, because they will pick no a majority of the time. Instead, ask questions that will lead to information.

Example: Instead of asking, “Can I Help You?”, use, “Good morning. If you have any questions, please let me know. In the mean time, feel free to look around.” In addition, you want to go for minor yeses.

Types of closes:

  1. Basic Oral Close: “What purchase order will be assigned the acquisition?”
  2. Basic Written Close: “Let me make a note of that.”
  3. Sharp Angle Close: “If I can guarantee delivery by June 15, are you prepared to approve the paperwork today?”
  4. Alternate Advance Close: Post major decision with a question and add another question that advances the purchase. (Alternate advance question must be asked right after major decision question)
  5. Reduction to Ridiculous: “Today most things do cost too much, can you tell how much is too much?”

There is much, much more powerful sales training that will definitely increase your personal development in Mastering the Art of Selling. However, as usual, I highly recommend you to get a copy of either Mastering the Art of Selling or getting Tom Hopkins Audio Sales Collection audio cd.

We will go over Advanced Sales Survival Training and The Academy of Master Closing in the upcoming posts.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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