Broke Motion #20

“Capturing Without Caring”

This broke motion is straight from 101 Broke Motions, if you haven’t downloaded your copy, you definitely should. It could save you from making the same mistakes other broke investors did in the past.

Let’s say you understand the previous broke motion and you realize this is broke motion #3’s twin sibling. You know you need to talk more positively to yourself and raise your standards on how you handle situations.

Yet, in the end, you end up brushing all of the “nonsense” to the side and go on to the next “bad experience” that you’ll stay talking about for the next decade.

If you don’t care enough about why you’re in your current situation, how can you ever capture what’s really going?

Any broke investor will eventually need to start caring in order to begin changing. Care enough to begin seeing all of your hard work payoff. You’ll end up writing this broke motion off.

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Keep growing, keep investing.

The Broke Investor

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