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The mind is a powerful muscle and just like any other muscle, you have to develop it and strengthen it over time.

Les Brown goes over how to accomplish that and how to develop your mindset to become bullet proof.

If you are living in Brokeville right now, your mind can help you get out of it. Let Les Brown teach you how successful people sharpen the mindset and develop to become everything they want to be.

If you want to learn what successful frameworks that 2 comma club winners (earned $1+ million) would use if they had only 30 days to go from broke to success, Watch the FREE Summit Interviews here.

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Podcast Episode 35: Little Teal Book of Trust Review

What’s going on everyone?! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Finally finished the 1st book of the year. I let last month slip by without reading a full book but I’m making up for it by reading 2 books per month now.

If you haven’t read Little Teal Book of Trust by Jeffrey Gitomer, I definitely recommend it.

He goes over things like, elements that lead to trustworthiness: 1st element: How you were raised; 2nd element: Who you chose to associate with; 3rd element: people of influence.

He gives clear and simple instructions like the 14.5 definition of Trust:

  • Trust is risk
  • Initial trust is tentative
  • Trust is a form of faith
  • Trust lowers resistance
  • Trust lowers barriers
  • Friendship leads to trust
  • Business relationships lead to trust
  • Business deals are based on trust
  • Dealings over time lead to trust
  • Sales are based on trust
  • Trust is the link between yes & no
  • Trust is a green light
  • Personal relationships lead to trust
  • Marriage is based on love and trust
  • Trust breeds confidence – in yourself and from others.

And many, many more success principles that any broke investor can follow to lead them out of Brokeville and help them become successful entrepreneurs.

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