Try Outs

Not everyone is going to make the cut!

Same in business.

The Broke Investor has had his fair share of missed opportunities. Maybe the opportunity wasn’t for me, maybe I wasn’t meant for the opportunity.

One thing is for certain, you learn a lot from experience.

When the next opportunity comes around, you’ll be even more prepared!

  • Developer Swag: Apparel Design Shop
    • Learned graphic design and how to setup a payment portal
  • 25for5html.comHTML Design Shop
    • Created HTML/CSS landing pages and provided free templates
  • Give Get BooksA book exchange club
    • Used Python to create an online membership network
  • A student fund network
    • Stripe’s payment API, $1.56 trillion dollars in student debt (wow)

*One major takeaway: It’s all about accountability!

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.