The Broke Investor's Podcast

The Broke Investor's Podcast is live!

Hey guys, The Broke Investor here! Just launched episode one of The Broke Investor’s podcast, where we find out what keeps broke people broke & how we can go from being broke to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I’m so excited to start on this new journey with you. Episode 1 is The Broke Investor’s Backstory and goes over how The Broke Investor became a broke investor. Tune in to find out how entrepreneurship has been for The Broke Investor so far.

Also, find out about The Broke Investor’s special announcement at the end!

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

A Broke Investor: Story #1

Jim Rohn: “Idaho Farm Boy Makes It to Beverly Hills”

“True happiness is not contained in what you get, happiness is contained in what you become.”

Find out how this broke investor made it big.

Mr. Emanuel James Rohn, AKA “Jim” Rohn, grew up as an only child in farmcountry in Caldwell, Idaho. At 25, a knock at the door changes Jim Rohn’s life, forever. A little girl selling girl scout cookies is at the door.

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