Broke Motion #24

“Stored Energy with a Leaky Container”

Since we’ve touched on having a good reason to do what you’re doing (you’re why), I’m going to address why this is such an important aspect in your journey.
Let’s talk about batteries. First question would be, is there enough current to power whatever you need to get powered? The second question would be, is there enough stored energy to last you enough time?
“I want to be rich” is a much weaker “battery” than “I want to change my family’s history and have them not ever worry about financial struggles ever again.” 

Everyone operates differently. The key is to find out what will make you run. Finding out will patch up this broke motion into a success driver and, just like the energizer bunny, you’ll keep going!

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As always,

Keep growing, keep investing.

The Broke Investor

p.s. If you are tired of getting the same results you’re getting, it might be because you keep doing the same broke motions.

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