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Podcast Episode 35: Little Teal Book of Trust Review

What’s going on everyone?! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Finally finished the 1st book of the year. I let last month slip by without reading a full book but I’m making up for it by reading 2 books per month now.

If you haven’t read Little Teal Book of Trust by Jeffrey Gitomer, I definitely recommend it.

He goes over things like, elements that lead to trustworthiness: 1st element: How you were raised; 2nd element: Who you chose to associate with; 3rd element: people of influence.

He gives clear and simple instructions like the 14.5 definition of Trust:

  • Trust is risk
  • Initial trust is tentative
  • Trust is a form of faith
  • Trust lowers resistance
  • Trust lowers barriers
  • Friendship leads to trust
  • Business relationships lead to trust
  • Business deals are based on trust
  • Dealings over time lead to trust
  • Sales are based on trust
  • Trust is the link between yes & no
  • Trust is a green light
  • Personal relationships lead to trust
  • Marriage is based on love and trust
  • Trust breeds confidence – in yourself and from others.

And many, many more success principles that any broke investor can follow to lead them out of Brokeville and help them become successful entrepreneurs.

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As always,

Keep growing, keep investing.

The Broke Investor

p.s. 101 Broke Motions is coming out on 02/29/2020. Get your FREE copy and a FREE copy of The Broke Investor’s Success Bundle prior to release date.

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