Broke Motion #2

While 101 Broke Motions is waiting to be finalized, each week a broke motion will be released, leading up to launch date. Feedback is welcomed and the first 50 to get on the waitlist gets it for free!

Before The Broke Investor dives into Broke Motion #2, I would like to give kudos to the designer of the book cover. AM-Design from 99designs did a fantastic job and I recommend him to anyone that is looking for a book design cover. Now, on to the broke motion.

Broke Motion #2: Believing What is Wrong

Remember the time when you thought something to be true and it ended up being plain false? These are the best of times and the worst of times of any broke investor’s journey.

It is the best of times because you realize you are still performing broke motions that can be corrected. You think you’re broke now, if you continue doing THIS broke motion, you’ll end up being the brokest of them all!

Not knowing how to name the Creator is one thing, but thinking your business is in profitability mode when in fact you are 80 stacks under can leave you and any “side-hustles” you have in the dust of financial ruins.

Now, getting out of this broke motion will be a balancing act. If you are capable of asking and acting on factual beliefs, you’ll be a successful investor in no-time!

If you enjoyed Broke Motion #2 from 101 Broke Motions and would like to get a copy when it is released, get on the waitlist.

Note: the first 50 people who sign up will get 101 Broke Motions for FREE.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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