Last day of the DECADE!

In 2010, I graduated high school. At the end of 2019, I’ve doubled my business income since 2018 and I found a way to earn $1,000 in 1 day.

Note: It’s simple, but NOT EASY. IT DOES REQUIRE WORK.

10 years is really not a long time when you think about it. It’s:

  • 120 Months
  • 520 Weeks
  • 3,652 Days
  • 87,660 Hours
  • 5,259,600 Minutes
  • 315,576,000 Seconds

One thing that keeps going through my mind is, what did I do with that time? Was it well spent?

I can honestly say, most of it was time wasted. Whether it was wasting it by binge watching movies/shows, arguments over petty things, or browsing online for hours at a time.

If I were to put a percentage on how much time The Broke Investor actually used to be productive in the last decade, it would probably be around 20%.

No need to play the violin this time. Self-reflection is the most powerful tool we can use to better ourselves.

On a positive note, The Broke Investor did accomplish a couple of things.

  1. Graduated high school.
  2. Started a family.
  3. Bought first home.
  4. Finished a 4 yr degree in 6 years.
  5. Started and failed multiple businesses.
  6. Got out of massive credit card debt.
  7. Quit a job in Corporate America that was wasting a lot of time.
  8. Doubled income in main business (2019).
  9. Found a position where I can earn $1k in a day.
  10. Started The Broke Investor Blog (late 2016/early 2017)

In addition, The Broke Investor got introduced to the personal development industry by none other than Les Brown. I’m not sure if it was the YouTube algorithm that stopped and said, “Whoa! This guy is really messed up, he might need some personal development.”

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Whatever the case may be, I am grateful that in 2017 at 25 years old, I was able to stumble upon the industry. Once I got done obsessing over Les Brown, I found Jim Rohn, which led to Zig Ziglar, which led to Tony Robbins, which led to Eric Thomas. The list goes on….

Now, I can’t say The Broke Investor is a carefree, stress free, perfect individual. Far from it. It’s been about 2 years now and I’m still pulling the weeds out.

What I can say is I’ve been able to pull myself out of the gutter countless of times and still have been able to walk away from it stronger than when it happened.

Out of the 10 years, this past year has been the most significant year for me. Not only did I finally get the strength to leave my low paying hourly job that required 100 miles and 2 hours round trip to get a “living wage”, but I fell into the financial services industry.

For the past 12 months, I’ve been taught by people with decades of experience in the financial services industry and it has been eye opening. The rich get richer because they are implementing strategies that the poor and middle class are not being shown.

Without trying to make this an excuse for my absence on this blog, this past year I’ve been solely focused on gaining as much knowledge as I can in the industry. The end result, the ability to earn $1,000 in a SINGLE DAY!

Car, Red, Driver, Gentleman, Affluence
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With that said, who is ready for the NEW DECADE???

While laying out the ground work for next year, I went over a couple of my success journals. In it, I found an outline of a book I wanted to come out with for The Broke Investor.

Last week, I started on it. I am almost done with the book, the book cover design is finished, and I am excited to release it once the editors get back to me and the book is finalized.

The book is called 101 Broke Motions.

101 Broke Motions is about what people do that prevents them from being successful in life. Not only does The Broke Investor unveil what tragedy broke motions are being performed, but I also go over how to clean them up and turn around any situation.

Most if not ALL broke motions have been done by The Broke Investor. So if you don’t think I know what I am talking about (in this area), just ask anyone that knows me personally.

We tend to self-sabotage ourselves into staying broke and never actually succeeding. Essentially, this book is really for my own personal use to be able to stop myself from performing any of the broke motions listed this next decade.

This is the official first announcement of 101 Broke Motions and the first 50 people who sign up on the waitlist will get it for FREE.

Thank you all for a fantastic year and hope you all are ready for 2020!!!

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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