The Pocket Butler (Review)

A Compact Guide to Modern Manners, Business Etiquette and Everyday Entertaining by Charles MacPherson.

Book #9 to financial independence has business tips that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

The Pocket Butler doesn’t talk about how to earn more money or how to grow your business, however, it does have great gems that will come in handy in any formal/business encounter.

For example, how to offer your business card. Believe it or not, how you offer your business card is just as important as your hand shake. Albeit, handing out a business card shouldn’t be a science, but the more formal Asian method of handing out a card is becoming more commonplace in western society.

Normally, whenever I’d hand out a business card, I would offer it with one hand. Apparently, the author stresses NOT to do this. The reason being is that it is, “considered arrogant and suggests that the information on your card is unimportant.”

You also don’t want to offer your business card holding the bottom of the card as this will make it awkward for the person who receives it. The correct method is to use two hands and holding the top of the card. The author goes on to say that in some cultures, the business card is considered a representation of the owner and should be treated with respect.


Of course, no business etiquette book would be complete without the do’s and dont’s of a handshake. Do: Maintain eye contact, smile warmly, focus your attention on the person you’re being introduced to, listen to what the person in front of you is saying.

In addition to quick tips on business etiquette, the author provides samples of thank-you , condolences, and congratulation notes. He also provides tables on how much to tip depending what country you’re in to how to dress for the occasion to the type of cutlery that is used in formal dining.

You may not think these things matter, but to some, it makes all of the difference. If you are wanting an example on when or where you would need to use the information in this book, I’ll tell you, lunch interviews/meetings.


There is one company that I know that does this to EVERY potential hire. The candidate will shadow an employee for an entire day and at the end of the trial period, would join upper management for lunch.

Usually, there are 2 managers along with the employee that was being shadowed. Believe it or not, it really doesn’t matter how you performed for the entire day. What the managers are looking for is etiquette and if it seems that you don’t have any, they will pass up on even the best candidates.

This book is pretty much all you need to step up your game when it comes to business. A little back story on where The Broke Investor found this book. Here in the Gulf Coast, there are a few prominent families, The Moody Family, being one of the most well known families here.

After years of passing by The Moody Mansion, I finally decided to take a tour. Of course, it was jaw dropping. High ceilings, tall gold mirrors, almost every room having it’s own bathroom, beautiful artwork, the entire works of an affluent household.


The family’s history is pretty much the stuff legends are made of and after the entire tour, I saw The Pocket Butler in the gift shop. Of course, I had to get it, especially after seeing what true wealth looks like. Whenever The Broke Investor is invited to a place similar to The Moody Mansion, I will know the difference between a meat fork and a pasta fork.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

Check out The Broke Investor’s library to financial independence.

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