Template Tuesdays: FREE HTML #5

HTML audio landing page. If you ever thought of a podcast blog, you’ll definitely need an <audio> HTML tag.

Issue #5 has an entire image as a background along with an audio player with controls, which is called out using <audio controls autoplay>. Podcast are taking the conversation to a whole new level. This website template will allow anyone to put up their audio recordings for the world to hear.

The image that was used for the background was found on Pixabay. The recording that was used for the template was found in the Archive.

If you want to preview the HTML template, visit it here.

As always,

Keep growing, keep investing. Even if you are, The Broke Investor.

P.S. If anyone requested FREE HTML template #2, #3, #4, my apologies. The Broke Investor had a broke moment. Survey was not setup to send information to mail box, so The Broke Investor never received your request. If you still want any of the FREE HTML templates, just fill in the message which templates to send to you.

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