Broke Tip: #44

Whether you make $12k/yr or $120k/yr, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happier earning one amount as oppose to the other. Albeit, it would be nice to say “I earn 6 figures…”

The Broke Investor has been around broke investors that make $12k/yr and $120k/yr and there is a 50/50 chance on which one is happier than the other. Of course, we can all increase our odds. It’s just a matter of mindset.

Let’s all remember that it’s not about the specific dollar amount one makes. Rather, it’s about providing the best value you have to offer. If you can honestly say you’ve done the best you could do, everyday, that’s going to change your entire outlook.

Then, you won’t be worried about how much you’re getting paid. You’ll be more concerned with your growth and those that grow will eventually, flourish.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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