The Millionaire Booklet (Book Review)

How To Get Super Rich by Grant Cardone.

Ever wonder how the rich get super rich? Book #7 to financial independence will show you how to get there.

If you never had a proper crash course on how to get on the path to financial independence, Grant Cardone is you best bet. At 42 pages short, rest assured that you know the advice is short, simple, and straight to the point.

Whether you are as broke as the come or you fancy the idea in growing to become all you can be, Grant Cardone is your one stop shop for the inner workings of a Millionaire Mindset.

As you’ll find out when reading The Millionaire Booklet, the name of the game is “Increase Income”. If you are as broke as The Broke Investor, you may not think it’s possible to increase your income, especially if a lot of it is already going out.

Millionaire Math

Not to worry, The Millionaire Booklet shows you what it takes to get to your aspirations. It also lays out what Grant Cardone calls

Millionaire Math:

Salary $50k * 20 years

Salary $100k * 10 years

Salary $250k * 4 years

Earn $114 per hour, every hour of the year

5,000 people buy a $200 product

2,000 people buy a $500 product

10,000 people buy a $100 product

1,000 people buy a $1,000 product

5,000 people pay $17 per month for 12 months

2,000 people pay $42 per month for 12 months

1,000 people pay $83 per month for 12 months

500 people pay $167 per month for 12 months

300 people pay $278 per month for 12 months

(or do the bottom 10 and earn $10 million in a year.)

Is Getting Rich Being Greedy?

In short, no. It is not greedy to want to become rich. It only becomes greedy whenever you want to hoard all of your earnings and refuse to contribute back in a positive way. Grant Cardone, again, proves how you can be all you can be and give back to the community. Back in 2015, a year before publishing The Millionaire Booklet, he raised over $100 million for charities.

Who’s got what?

With quick questions like, “Who’s got my money?”, Grant Cardone can do a fantastic job unlocking any broke investor’s mindset. If you ever gone to a seminar or a networking event, you’d know exactly what this question is about. A few years back, The Broke Investor went to his first seminar, but of course, “Who’s got my money?” never crossed the mind.

During the entire business expo, instead of finding out “Who’s got my money?”, The Broke Investor was extremely busy with attending the speaking events. Rather than focus on how to serve others and finding out “Who’s got my money?”, The Broke Investor volunteered to by-pass that in order to sit down and hear someone else ask how to better serve us and was in fact, there to find out who had their money.


After you finish reading, you will walk away with an arsenal of new ideas and methods that can be put into action at any moment. The biggest thing after reading through will be to decide. Decide if you have what it takes to reach financial independence and allow someone who’s built 5 successful businesses to teach you how it’s done.

Grant Cardone challenges everyone to carry The Millionaire Booklet wherever they go until they become a millionaire. Who’s willing to take the challenge?

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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