How Successful People Grow (Book Review)

15 ways to get ahead in life by John C. Maxwell.

Book #6 to financial independence. If you want to find out how to grow into a successful person, this book is a must read.

How Successful People Grow is one of the best personal development books that has been published. Not only does John C. Maxwell provide strategies on how to grow to become a successful person, he also challenges you by giving a set of instructions at the end of each chapter.

For instance, at the end of chapter 3: Believe in Yourself, the first challenge he gives us is to make a list of all of your best personal qualities. The objective is to write 100 positive things about yourself. He goes on to stay that if you are a positive person, writing the list will be fairly easy. If you are negative, it will be a little more challenging.


Challenge accepted

Being a broke investor who is continuously getting better in this aspect, this seemed like a cinch. Fact of the matter is, after about the 6 item on the list, The Broke Investor got stuck. This was a wake up call. Even though there has been steady progress in personal development, there is a lot more room to grow.

Don’t worry, The Broke Investor did manage to write down 100 positive things, albeit, it took roughly 30 minutes to sit there and think. This 1 simple task has made a great impact already. If The Broke Investor seems to go off the tracks with negative thoughts in his daily routine, a brief review of the 100 list puts the mind at ease.

John C. Maxwell provides a minimum of 3 challenges for each chapter (15 chapters in total).

  1. Become an Intentional Learner
  2. Develop Self-Awareness
  3. Believe in Yourself
  4. Set Aside Time to Reflect
  5. Embrace Discipline Daily
  6. Seek Out a Positive Environment
  7. Become Highly Strategic
  8. Turn Negatives into Positives
  9. Grow from the Inside Out
  10. Get Used to Stretching Yourself
  11. Make Smart Trade-Offs
  12. Learn to Ask More Questions
  13. Find a Good Mentor
  14. Focus on Enlarging Your Potential
  15. Help Others Reach Their Potential

Goal Conscious or Growth Conscious?

On top of the exercises John C. Maxwell provides for each chapter, he reveals common traps that people encounter when trying to grow to become successful. He also has a different perspective in common things that we hear today in personal development.

For instance, we’ve all heard that in order to be successful, we should set goals. The Broke Investor started setting goals awhile back and it has helped in becoming a more consistent individual, however, John C. Maxwell proclaims that in order to grow, one must do MORE than set goals.

He calls those who set goals to be goal conscious and those who grow to be growth conscious. What’s the difference? Well, without spelling ALL of the beans, goal consciousness focuses on a destination, while growth consciousness focuses on the journey. Another difference is that goal consciousness stops when a goal is reached and growth consciousness keeps you growing beyond the goal.

The Broke Investor has a little mixture of both consciousness at this point. This blog was started to focus on a broke investor’s journey to financial independence. However, what’s been steadily moving me forward has been the goals that have been set. After looking back at some of the S.M.A.R.T. goals that have been put in place, The Broke Investor is guilty of stopping once a goal has been reached.

That’s why S.M.A.R.T. Goal #7: Creating Broke Tips was added. This is forcing me to keep adding to the blog every day, which in turn gets me thinking of how else can The Broke Investor add value to the WordPress community.


Strengthen your Self-Awareness

In short, John C. Maxwell does an excellent job on raising questions about your self-awareness. He also provides ways to challenge your current thinking and helps you explore ways to develop into a successful person. By no means is the book the silver bullet that will take you from waking up on the wrong side of the bed or the right side. But it will help you realize that no matter what side you’re on, it’s the best side.

The Broke Investor challenges anyone who is interested in growing to a successful person to get a copy. [Affiliate link: The Broke Investor will earn a commission if you purchase through this link. No additional cost to you]

The book is 139 pages short and can be read in 1 sitting. However, to work through the exercises that John C. Maxwell provides to grow into a successful person, can take 1-2 weeks. If you do decide to get the book, try not to rush through it. There is a lot of information and plenty of strategies that can help everyone become a successful person. This book alone can be enough to take anyone from the current state of frustration to a better outlook on life, which in turn, leads to a more successful, enjoyable lifestyle.

With that said, The Broke Investor would like to know if anyone else has stumbled upon any great reads lately? If you have, please leave a comment below to share and maybe a gem or two from the book that has changed your way of doing things.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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