Broke Tip: #42

Who cares if you fail again and again. Just remember, the most successful failed countless of times before they reached their inevitable success.

The Broke Investor challenges anyone to provide an example of someone who is successful who did not fail over and over until they reached their greatness.

We learn MORE by our failures than we do by our successes. If it wasn’t for failure, we wouldn’t have the “right way” of doing things. If you turn on a switch to light up your house, ask yourself, what if the person who invented the light bulb gave up after their 100th failed attempt? Would we still be carrying candles?

Learn how to turn every failure into a success. Be the one to say, “I failed doing it this way, which led me to finding success doing it this way.”

If you want proof of people who’ve failed during their lives then went on to become a major success, check out a broke investor story.

As always,

Keep growing, keep investing. Even if you are, The Broke Investor.

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