Broke Tip: #36

The most profound discovery that has ever been made is that WE are LIMITLESS.

There was a time where everyone thought we couldn’t fly. There was a time where we thought we couldn’t go into space. There was a time where we thought we couldn’t reach the moon.

One after another, SOMEONE broke these limited beliefs. Humankind is capable of achieving anything, no matter what limits are placed. All it takes is for that one individual to decide, “We CAN do it!”

The Broke Investor encourages everyone to take the time to lay out all the current limits that you are facing today. Write them down on a list, then go one by one and write down all of the reasons why you CAN get past these limits.

For the longest, The Broke Investor thought he was too broke to start a business. Then, all of a sudden, an LLC was created. Albeit, there is plenty of room to grow, however, whenever a limited belief comes in, it is disregarded as fast as it comes in.

Remember, you become what you think about all day long. If you think about success, you’ll be a success. Of course, we do have to take action on our part, but half of the battle is already won if we can control our thoughts and emotions.

If you want proof on how just a little shift of thinking can change EVERYTHING, make sure to check out a broke investor story.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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