A Broke Investor: Story #1

Jim Rohn: “Idaho Farm Boy Makes It to Beverly Hills”

“True happiness is not contained in what you get, happiness is contained in what you become.”

Find out how this broke investor made it big.

Mr. Emanuel James Rohn, AKA “Jim” Rohn, grew up as an only child in farmcountry in Caldwell, Idaho. At 25, a knock at the door changes Jim Rohn’s life, forever. A little girl selling girl scout cookies is at the door.

The little girl scout goes on to give one of the best presentations he ever heard, “Special deal, several flavors…$2.” and with a big smile she politely asks Jim Rohn to buy. Mr. Jim Rohn recalls wanting to buy, BIG PROBLEM, he’s BROKE. He didn’t have $2 and he didn’t want to tell her that. So he did what he thought was “next best”, he lied to her.


Jim Rohn goes on to tell the little girl scout that he already bought lots of girl scout cookies and still had plenty stacked in the house, which was NOT TRUE, but it was enough to get him OFF THE HOOK for the moment. The little girl scout smiles, thanks him, and then leaves.

Mr. Jim Rohn closes the door and says to himself, “I don’t want to live like this anymore. I’ve had it with lying and I’ve had it with being BROKE. I’m never going to let this happen to me ever again.”

He promised himself that day, he would work as hard as possible and always carry plenty. He then goes on to confess that it took him awhile, but with ENOUGH REASONS, any broke investor can make it.

Finding a Mentor

Luckily for Jim Rohn, a friend of his was in a position to introduce him to someone that was referred to as, “The Millionaire Maker”, Mr. J. Earl Shoaff . Since Mr. Shoaff was known to be easy to talk to, Jim Rohn reached out to Mr. Shoaff to find out what it took to become successful.


This set the pace for the next 5 years of their lives. Unfortunately, Mr. Shoaff passed. Fortunately for us all, his philosophy impacted his successor, Jim Rohn.

  • Personal Development
  • Basic Laws
  • Setting Goals
  • Diseases of Attitude
  • The day that turns your life around

To get an example of their interactions, one question Jim Rohn asked was how can two people work in the same company and one makes twice as much? “What’s the difference between $1,000/mo and $2,000/mo? Why would someone do twice as well, three times as well?”

Just like most of us, he goes on to blame TIME. “Harold ought to do well, he has a lot of time. If I had all of Harold’s time, I could do well.”  Is it possible to become twice as valuable and make twice as much money in the same time? Mr. J. Earl Shoaff goes on to show Jim Rohn how it’s done.

Broke Tip: The MAJOR key to your better future is YOU.

One day, Mr. Shoaff asks Jim Rohn for a list of his current goals. Jim Rohn states he doesn’t have one, in which, Mr. Shoaff assumes the list must be in his car or at his home. After admitting he doesn’t have a list at all, Mr. Shoaff convinces Jim Rohn to be a willing student on how to set goals, by guessing how much was in Jim Rohn’s bank account.

“You mean my bank account would change if I had a list of goals?”



Study, Practice, and Teach

Of course, practice makes improvement and within 6 years, Mr. Jim Rohn becomes a millionaire. Not only does he make it to millions, he loses it at all. In partnership with Mr. Shoaff, Jim Rohn joined Nutri-Bio as vice president for the organization. In the early 1960s, Nutri-Bio goes bust.

Being the broke investor he is, Jim Rohn does not let a road-bump prevent him to continue driving on the road to success. In 1963 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Jim Rohn gave his first public seminar. This sparked his TRUE PASSION and unlocked his TIMELESS FORTUNE.

As the story goes, Mr. Jim Rohn becomes one of the MOST INFLUENTIAL business motivators of all time. If he were still here today, The Broke Investor truly believes he would say, “If I can do it, you can do it.”

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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