Spreading too thin?

Make sure you’re not trying to do too many things at once or else you may not be able to accomplish anything.

As you all know, Goal #4 is supposed to be completed today. Now here comes the excuses, hehe. To start off, The Broke Investor was able to manage to get an mvp (minimum viable product) in order to get feedback on the direction the book exchange platform is heading.

The thing is, The Broke Investor started another project last week. The new project is a collaboration with another broke investor. To sum it up, it is going to be a learning tool that anyone can visit to learn about Linux.

On top of that, The Broke Investor is in the process of starting a brick & mortar business that has a lot of hoops to jump through. Since it involves the possibility of the loss of life if a tragedy was to occur, The Broke Investor is on a hunt to find an insurance provider to cover liability.


To say the least, The Broke Investor is booked on time. However, since we are in the process of re-programing our mindsets from a broken one, these excuses hold little weight.

In reality, if The Broke Investor would have taken a little extra time to plan out his strategy, more than likely goal #4 would have been completed entirely.

Broke Tip: Excuses are like underwear, everyone has a pair.

So, what’s missing? Glad you asked. Just so everyone is aware, the platform is being coded from scratch using Python and Django. No use of CMS, like WordPress, and no ropes to keep from accidentally destroying everything.

The Broke Investor managed to create a Home, How-It-Works, Investment, and signup pages. In addition, a logo was created using Adobe Illustrator and was created by yours truly. 🙂

Now you might be thinking, “Great, where is it then?” Unfortunately, everything was being built on The Broke Investor’s local computer. With that said, whenever you are ready to present to the World (online), it is best to upload your project to a hosting provider.


Since The Broke Investor tried to cram everything in the past 2 days, this little aspect slipped, so when it came time to push to the host, the project failed to upload because it was not configured correctly for the host.

NO WORRIES. The Broke Investor is in it for the long run and the project will be uploaded this weekend.

In other news, The Broke Investor is ready to launch a Patreon page and will be adding content and rewards for patrons, soon.

Be on the lookout for the announcement.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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