The marathon has begun

Last week, The Broke Investor made the commitment to finish 1 FREE HTML and 4 premium designs. Glad to report S.M.A.R.T. Goal #2 was a success.

A ranger without a dime

It didn’t come easy though. Any worthy goal of obtaining is bound to have its own set of obstacles.

When these obstacles arrive, your true character comes out. You find out if you are willing to go to the extreme, in order to reach success.

My day always starts right when I’m leaving around midnight. I’ve already had in my mind I was going to complete all 5 designs today Feb 2, 2018, which marks the 1 year anniversary for my first post on

Now here comes the tricky part. Since The Broke Investor’s budget was set, the main account was pretty much being treated as a zero sum account.

Separating the amounts into their respective accounts left The Broke Investor with an account that was set to be withdrawn on midnight for liability amounts and the wages were set to deposit @8am.

No worries, only opportunities

Not only was an overdraft fee in order, now I was stuck 50 miles away from home with no gas and with 1 card put on hold, a business account that’s not activated and an Apple Pay card reader that wasn’t picking up signal.

With no $ until 8am, something had to give. The Broke Investor isn’t one to lay over and let things just happen to him.

No. With a wireless phone charger, a tape measure, and a VERY outdated gps system, I was going home one way or another.

After stopping at 3 gas stations, the last clerk was finally able to work with me. He didn’t take the charger or the tape measure, but the outdated gps system seemed to be worth something to him.

Great. Anything at this point… $7. Enough for 3.006 gallons and exactly what was needed to go back home and finish up first set of web templates @25for5. 52.7 miles clocked in. Check. Now it’s time to pull some Double OT, all-nighter.

Broke tip: It doesn’t matter what happens to you. What matters is what you do about it.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

p.s.: all images on this post are images of the first set of html templates for 25for5HTML

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