When you fail, fail FAST!

You might be wondering, well, what did you fail at? In the last post, I talked about starting developer swag. Developer swag is a design shop centered around software developers and designers. Well, after coming up with a few designs, I decided to try an ad campaign on facebook.

The goal of the campaign was to sell at least 10 shirts. I started an ad budget at $5 per day for 3 days. Before you say, “c’mon, you should’ve had a bigger budget” or “maybe you should’ve extended the length of the campaign”, let me remind you the broke investor doesn’t have deep pockets.

Well, I do, but that’s only because there are holes in them. Now, I am sure others have faced bigger downs than ~$20, but my overly optimistic self was for sure that I would get at least one buy. Guess what, no dice. So, what am I going to do about it? I’ll tell.


I’m going to scrap the whole ad campaigns in general. With the ~$20 I spent on ads, I could have bought professional grade designs from the fellow designers on Fiverr. Why would I even THINK about doing this? I’ve come to find out, Graphic Design is NO JOKE. I salute all the dedicated graphic/web designers out there who do this for a living.

The Failing Process

First off, getting on Teespring was fairly straight forward. However, Cafepress was a total different ball game. Like I mentioned before, I plan on doing short term sales on Teespring and long-term sales on Cafepress. So when my design ended with no sales on Teespring, I decided to upload straight to Cafepress.

The upload process was a bit different and although they have a product/image match generator, the design size was only good for dog tags. After messing with the designs to , what I thought, the right dimensions, I am shot with a pending designs message.


I would like to mention that Cafepress has excellent staff on-call. The representative I spoke with said everything should be fine within 72 hrs and pointed me to their design size chart. After being showed ALL of the dimension requirements that are needed, I realized this is going to be VERY time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing.

With that being said, I put the developer swag designs on hold to hustle up and make a few extra bucks to pay rent/bills. The broke investor’s journey is NOT for the weak hearted and all I can say is with persistence and dedication, I know it’s possible to get out of this hole.

Add to that the Udacity courses I am enrolled in, I am confident that even though I’m in this position, it won’t be for long. You have to crawl before you walk. My problem is, I want to fly already.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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