Off to the races

As you know, a broke investor’s journey doesn’t start until they have had ENOUGH. After exhausting my credit card limits and getting 3 student loans that collect interest soon, a battle plan has to be set in place to combat this broke investor’s accounts.

So what’s a broke investor to do? I am glad you asked. Although I have 8 domains, 50 app ideas, countless of graphic designs formulating in my head and an almost infinite amount of marketing slogans, you can’t combat a broke investor’s mindset without a plan.

Now, since I already have two LLCs in place, I will not be getting bogged down in paperwork anymore. Setting up a business is fun/exciting and I truly believe everyone should go through the process at least once.

Can you spare some Cash Flow

The main focus of my first project is to start a positive cash flow that will enable me to use the money earned to start on my second project, that may or may not become a nonprofit. I still need to work out the details and find out if becoming a nonprofit will be the right thing to do.

Anyway, what is the first project all about? Excellent question. You see, I have been an online student for the past 2 years now and have gone through several programming courses. I enjoy programming and it’s a real brain teaser when you are getting down to the nitty-gritty.

I have a massive amount of respect for software developers. The patience and technical aptitude required is a lot more than most people can dish out. I only say that because after working with a few clients to get their sites online, I’ve realized how much time is actually needed when starting from scratch.


However, I always get that sense of pride and accomplishment when I get things done. For me, I feel like a superhero when someone would contact me and ask if I can help them with xyz problem. Of course, I can. Why else would you call? In reality, I am as puzzled as they are. After some time, you start getting a hang of certain problems and can solve it within an hour or two.

Developer Swag: Apparel Design Shop

Which brings me to Developer Swag. Developer Swag is an apparel design shop that provides developers with the gear needed to swag down and rep their favorite programming language while on the job.

The idea for Developer Swag came to me after working with a client. The client wanted me to set up a site where he can upload designs and sell to customers. The niche he had in mind was pretty cool. Although we did not sign a non-disclosure, I will not go into what he decided to pursue.

So after collecting his requirements for the site, I went off to do research. What I found startled me. Before then, I thought to start a t-shirt business you needed to manage the entire supply chain. Sometimes you forget you’re in the 21st century. The future is here and automation is king!

Of course, I ran into Shopify, but the thing that blew me away was Printful. Printful is an online Drop shipping and print on demand company. With Shopify and Printful combined, you no longer have to worry about the supply chain. Everything is handled for you and all you are responsible for is coming up with AWESOME designs.

This encounter made me dig even deeper. I continued searching for other marketplaces where someone can sell their designs and not have to provide anything upfront, except their designs. The other two sites I came across were, CafePress and TeeSpring. Eventually, I will provide comparisons and what not, but until then, you should follow up and read about their programs. It’s a great way to start out it.

Let’s Get Started

Which is why I will be starting out at TeeSpring. After comparing the pros and cons, I decided I will leave the Shopify site until the very last step. My main priority with Developer Swag will be to see if people are even remotely interested in the designs I can come up with.

Since TeeSpring integrates with Facebook ads and has a clean interface, each new design I come up with will start on TeeSpring. After the campaign is up, I will upload the designs onto CafePress where they can stay long term. For now, I will have a budget of $5/day for 3 days. All I have to do is sell at least three shirts to break even and have a bit of profit.

Now, I can say I am not the best designer out there, however, this DOES give me the chance to practice my design skills. So if at the end of all this nothing clicks, at least my design skills will have improved and that’s worth more, to me,  than $ can buy.

Here is my first design and will be held on TeeSpring for the next 7 days. Time to get our feet wet.

As always, 
Keep growing, keep investing.

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